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2015-04-22 06:28:07 (UTC)

My daughter

It was 2007 when I had my baby. I had a tough pregnancy with her but I was worthy. She made me the happiest mom in the world that day. Seeing her made everything painless. I would go through all the pain and the diabetes to have another baby. She is a very happy baby. The only time she cry is when she's hungry. She was a very easy baby. She never wanted bottles so I breast fed her for one whole year. From my breast to sippy cup at age 1. She was never into binky or blanket until now she's 7. She didn't fully talk until she was 3. She's very smart. I thought maybe she was deaf but she wasn't. She had speech impediment like me. She grew out of it. Now she talks and talks and talks. At age of 3 1/2 while I was in the bathroom plucking my gray hair. She asked me what was I doing and I explain to her I'm getting old and have gray hair. She said: "mama, what's going to happen to me if something happen to you? I promise I won't go outside just lock the door and windows." Then started crying. I hugged her and comfort her and told her nothing will happen to mama and she shouldn't think about those kind of things. I told her she's 3 1/2 years old and she needs to think about playing not about mama dying. Then at age 4 1/2 she told me an my husband that Santa Claus is not real. I asked her: "who told you that?" Her respond was: "no one, I figure it out myself. She proceed to tell me that daddy told her there's no such thing as a monster. If she cannot see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, or smell it then it's not real. So she figure she hasn't seen, hear, touch, taste or smell Santa, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny then they are not real. I had to turn my head an looked at my husband and hold my laugh. I told her that she has to promise me not to tell anyone at school. She asked me: "why?" I said: it's because little kids like yourself believe it Santa, tooth fairies and Easter bunny. She smiled and said: "OK." Same age she finish the world 1-1 on super Mario on her DSXL. At 5, she asked me for a human anatomy book to buy it for her. The first thing she me while she turned to the page she wanted to take a looked at was: "is that where your poop comes out?" I said: "yes." At age 6 1/2, while we were sitting in our dinning table having lunch. She was staring at the table then turn her head to me and asked me a question. Her question was: "if a person is allergic to eggs, does it mean they are also allergic to chicken?" My reply was: "very good question but I have to get back to you on that. I have to go online to get my answer." She amazes me with all the things she says and question she ask me. She also asked me it it's true grow ups can have two jobs. I said: "yes, they can." She said: "okay, I can be a artist and a singer. A teacher and a architect." I told her that is actually 4 jobs and she said: "nope, that's only 2." She is so into this Pokemon trading cards. Crazy about them. She also likes video games and she watch YouTube about games she likes. She wants to be a gamer and create games and play them. Again, I'm getting sleepy. Good night and I will write again tomorrow.

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