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2015-04-21 21:18:51 (UTC)

Deeper Stephen & Disney shows

Yesterday was going along just fine, really. My morning was okay, my afternoon was okay, but it wasn't until 9:30ish that everything just kind of fell apart.

My mom was putting some rubbing alcohol on my head to get rid of lice. (Backstory time! My sister tends to hug many of her friends... and one of her friends happened to have lice. My sister became "infected" but she never really noticed until my mother did her check up, something she's always done for us growing up. So, because she was infected, my mom kinda isolated her for a while. Getting her her own proper brush, etc. That way, my mom could treat the lice properly without anyone else catching it. Weeeeeeell, my younger sister & brother ended up having it too, because Briana always hugged them, but everyone else in the family was clean. Although they were isolated, I ended up having lice because a friend of mine hugged me & she was FULL of lice, & she hasn't been to school since.) My mom wanted to clean me out, so she sat me down & put a bag over my head & poured the rubbing alcohol. I closed my eyes & covered them with my eyes, just in case, since the rubbing alcohol was dripping EVERYWHERE. My mom told me I could open my eyes, & although I didn't want to, she kept insisting that I'd be fine. So I opened my eyes & whaddya know, it starts falling onto my eyes! I'm asking my mom if she can get my some water & she just casually scrolling through her newsfeed... So I told her it got into my eyes & THAT'S when she finally reacted. Then she started yelling at me for not going to her bathroom... if I could SEE, that's what I would've done. How did she expect me to find the bathroom & let the water run when I'm on the ground, CRYING because I couldn't see? I MEAN... So she kept yelling at me & she was more concerned about the mess I was making than actually helping me rinse my eyes out. She made this really stupid comment that ruined my night & I kinda cried myself to sleep after rinsing my hair out in my bathroom, which still reeks of all the alcohol.

Every time that I sneeze or inhale, I can smell the rubbing alcohol & it actually makes my eyes tear up. So this morning, I got up & my eyes still burned a bit. Not at much as they did last night, but they definitely sting. I entered the bathroom so that I could shower & all I could smell was the rubbing alcohol, which made me tear up & gag. I was running late to school because of traffic & slow pedestrians crossing the street... so I dropped my instrument off in my locker & RAN to class because my first period is in the furthest building from the back of the school. (The band room is at the very back of the school & my first period was at the very front; getting from one side of the school to the other is everyone's worst nightmare because of all the slow walkers... but if you get a head start, you can BARELY make it to class in the 4 minute passing period) By the time I got to class, I had barely made it, & I was breathing in so fucking heavy that all I could inhale felt like rubbing alcohol. It smelled like it, it felt like it was in my throat & lungs. Last night, I felt like my lungs & throat would explode. I felt like I was having an allergic reaction & the burning sensation wouldn't go away. It was just like that today, except not as extreme. It was enough to keep me coughing all of first period.

First period was pretty cool though, once I was able to breathe correctly from all the running. My driver's ed teacher bought a pair of drunk goggles (something we've been waiting to arrive) & he had a mini race course set up in the room. He had everyone sit on their tables & he had signs taped on certain tables. "Stop," "No left turn," etc. So the teacher was like, "Who wants to go first?" & Stephen's hand SHOT UP. In half a millisecond, his hand was already up & he was already making his way up front. He had finished the course in 36 seconds with 4 penalties; 5 seconds added for every penalty.

I remember the teacher making a comment, "He already looks drunk, didn't even need the goggles!" We're going to be using the goggles again tomorrow because EVERYONE has to particpate... I don't wanna. There's also this one girl who is assigned to sit next to me, but she's ditched every fucking day. I overheard her say that the only reason she's actually coming to school now is because the principal is making her go to court & they'll take her away from her family if she doesn't show up for a consecutive number of days... Is it wrong to say that I kinda don't want her to keep coming? I'm so used to sitting by myself, that it's kinda uncomfortable when she's there.
Two minutes before the bell rang, this happened;

Steph: How much were those goggles? $50?

Teacher: $250

Me: Oh, so it would've been cheaper if we had ACTUALLY gotten drunk!

Teacher: ...Not worth my job!

That was probably the first time that I've EVER made this teacher laugh. He's really cool & all, but I've always had the feeling that he didn't like me. Him laughing at my joke doesn't mean that he likes me as a student, but it definitely made me feel a bit better.

The rest of my day was... meh. I wrote about a friend of mine dropping my instrument... So I'll explain that in more detail. Basically, Ale has been using my extra neckstrap for her bass clarinet. (She apparently can't play without one? I didn't know those used neckstraps, but whatever.) Since I have that extra neckstrap in my case, I give it to her in the very beginning of band class. This time, I was still searching for my music in my backpack so I told her to open my case & grab it herself... except she decided to open my case while STANDING. Most, if not all, saxophone players know that that's not very wise; it's not the recommended way to open a case. Most place their cases on a steady surface to open their case-- isn't that, like, common sense for most, if not all, musicians? Well, she got the neckstrap... but my saxophone rolled out of the case. It fell down from three feet in the air. Just plopped & semi-rolled right onto the ground. Cling, clang. The brass players around us kinda stopped & stared, & all the other saxes had the "Holy shit, you're fucking screwed." look. The girl next to me said, "THAT'S why you don't open a saxophone case while standing up. You should've opened it with the case on the ground." I simply told her that she shouldn't do that again... I didn't notice that when it fell, something was damaged. It wasn't until Saturday that I noticed the D note not sounding like it should, & I couldn't play my D sharp because not only was the D not working (if any of my friends ever find this & misquote this, I'll chop their legs off.) but my lower register keys weren't working as well because I couldn't press them at all. So today, right as we were packing up, I went over to my band director to see if she could do anything to fix it... "You NEED to take that to the shop." That was the ONE thing I didn't want to hear. She inspected it carefully for three minutes & then told me what was damaged. She could've done some fixing, but she didn't have the proper tools. I could've attempted to fix it myself, but the piece that was damaged could possibly bend (even more than it already was) & break, which would cost even more to replace than to fix, so it'd be safer to have a professional take a look at it. She recommended a certain store & if I asked NICELY, they could possibly fix my instrument for $15. I went on the website & it says, "Is your horn simply not playing right? Regardless of age or model, we can make it work right! Obviously, we need to see your sax before we can quote the repair. For local customers (insert city name), we recommend bringing your sax in. Many minor repairs can be done under our Minimum Service charge of $15 while quick fixes can sometimes be done free of charge.
Standard Hourly Rate: $60.00"

That's not too bad, right?

My teacher also sighed heavily when I told her WHO dropped it. "If SHE dropped it, she should have offered to pay for the damage." Ale is very... Ale. She says I've put her on a guilt trip & she feels bad, but is feeling bad supposed to fix my instrument? I WANT her to pay for damages, whether it be $15 or $60, because SHE dropped it & damaged it. Not once did I tell her to pick up my entire case & drop my instrument-- I said get your neckstrap. And I'm tempted to tell her tomorrow, "Yo, give me $15 so you can pay for damages & I'll take my instrument to the shop." but she's very... ugh. In the beginning of the year, she always came up with an excuse for everything. "Yeah well I can't play today because I have asthma." She could barely afford to pay for her own mouthpiece & reeds... Let alone pay possibly $15 to get my sax fixed. That's kind of why I don't want to say anything about damages--but SHE dropped it, not me. I guess I'll just own up to her mistake, be responsible for the instrument that's in my care, & pay for repair?

I want her to pay half & I'll pay the other half. I mean, it's my fault too because I entrusted her with my case. I told her she could open it. But it's also her fault because she wasn't careful & didn't use logic to open the case. It's reasonable that we both pay half, right? I don't know. Half of 15 is only $7.50, I'm sure she can afford THAT... I'm also sure she'll come up with an excuse to NOT pay for damages. And if they charge us more, we'll continue to split it in half. Either way, I'm gonna try to talk to her tomorrow on our way to class & see if we can work anything out because I want it fixed as soon as possible. Concert season is here again & we've got plenty more inclass rehearsals... My music has a ton of D notes-- it's basically D everywhere... Stephen was there when I was talking to my teacher & he offered to be my punching bag; of course I took that opportunity. I'm going to talk to my dad so that he can take me to get my instrument looked at & it'll HOPEFULLY be fixed before concert!


I want to take the time to write something because I feel like an ass today.

So, Stephen has been sitting with me at lunch, right? He's always been the one to complain about the lunch food & ditch to get better food, but now that he's been sitting with me, he actually eats the food... but still complains. Our school's oven broke AGAIN so all our food was frozen. He got the news fifteen minutes prior to lunch & he asked what I liked for my panda express order. (He texted me during class & I was like, "why are you even asking me?" but I still told him.) So his MOM actually came out onto campus with her visitor's pass & brought us Panda Express... This was my first time ever meeting his mom. SHE IS SUCH A CUTIE. OH MY GOD. Is it weird for me to say that about a 40 year old? She looks like she's a college freshman or something! I literally thought she was his cousin until he said "Thanks, mom." Holy shit, mind blown. So then she looked at me & she was like, "ARE YOU THE CUTIE HE ASKED TO PROM? YOUR EYES, WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR EYES?" She was basically acting like a teenage fangirl, how could someone NOT confuse her for an 18 year old? Then after she left, we had a really deep conversation kind of thing while we ate our panda. He's actually a really good kid... Like, yeah, when I first met him, I thought he was some kind of drug-dealing lowlife without a future because he was always getting into trouble. But he's ACTUALLY a good kid. Yeah, he gets into trouble... for stupid shit. There were some cases where he'd get caught smoking weed or ditching or whatever, but there were other cases where he'd get in trouble for walking 10 seconds late into class or he'd forget to turn shit in. Not gonna lie, but I've always imagined his mother as a pot dealer who cooks meth, didn't have a job, & relies mostly on foodstamps & welfare. And I feel like an incredible ass for ever thinking that because honestly, I've never met the woman until today. BUT, honestly, I wasn't the only one who perceived him as that. Amber & Thane shared the same thoughts on him, & our 3 mutual friends felt that same way, too. He was always found in the detention room, so we just kinda assumed that his mom didn't give a shit about him. Although, if Stephen actually opened up & talked about himself, I'd have a much friendlier image of his mother. He's never been one to tell me about himself so I just kinda think things without having any actual evidence.

So I guess I learned a valuable lesson today? "Don't judge a book by its cover" kind of thing. He's a good kid who's intelligent & had amazing grades... he just makes bad decisions sometimes & he makes up for it, occasionally. And his mother isn't a pot dealer & works as a nurse.

But damn.

Our "deep" conversation made me realize that he's actually really misunderstood & I feel like an ass for having misunderstood him for basically our entire friendship. Maybe if Elías got to know him, they wouldn't dislike each other so much? I mean, Ellíe is BEST FRIENDS with Steph, so obviously he's not as bad as everyone makes him out to be because Ellíe only surrounds herself around good, positive people (but they occasionally make bad decisions too)... I haven't gotten around to solving the mystery of why the hate each other, & neither of them will tell me WHY, but I'm hoping I can figure it out soon.

AND. I told my mom yesterday that he asked me to prom & I had already said yes, so she told me she wanted to meet the guy before actually getting me a dress. She wanted to invite him for lunch at our house today & she had a nice meal planned out & everything so she'd be driving him home with us. The car ride was kinda nice at first until my mom realized she'd be late to the appointment with her lawyer, so she ended up bringing us with her. She went to the appointment but we all stayed in the car; Briana, both babies, Steph & I. (The other girls were at a friend's house) It was around maybe 88 degrees outside but 95 degrees inside the car with the engine off, so no AC or radio. I found a free wifi hotspot, so I connected my phone to the hotspot & Steph & I watched YouTube videos in the car for a while. I was basically lying on him with my head in his lap until he started BRAIDING my hair... and as a male, he braided my hair better than any female that I know of. At first he didn't know what he was doing, he was just "playing with my hair," but then he actually did stuff & it came out as a braid. While he played with my hair, I kinda fell asleep (I haven't had any decent sleep in the past week, ugh.) & when I woke up, my hair was completely braided & pretty. Aw.

Briana & him got to sorta bond, so I guess that was nice? AND STEPHEN SPEAKS SPANISH. I knew that he spoke Spanish, but I've never heard him hold a fluent conversation until today when he was talking to my mom about authentic Mexican food. (he says Texas is 70% Mexicans) When we got home, my mom prepared the nice meal she had planned & we ate; it was actually really nice, other than all the times my mom kept calling him my boyfriend... an awkward time for both Steph & I. My mom's always been nagging me about finding a nice guy & makes fun of me for having guy friends, ya know how moms are? So now that my mom met him, she said she'd take me to go buy a prom dress at a nearby store but my dad might take me instead in an hour... meanwhile, while I wait, I should probably memorize the rest of my stand tunes because leadership tryouts MIGHT happen tomorrow; I wasn't paying attention. (EDIT: Nahhhhhh. I'll probably ATTEMPT to memorize the ones I don't know during lunch or something.) (EDIT 2: In an hour = never. This kinda upsets me but oh well.)

AND MY DAD'S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW. He's having a small meal at his place but I honestly hate his small meals because that means children will be involved & I HATE having to watch over kids. I mean, I don't watch over my own siblings, let alone another person's child!

My mom also had DirectTV installed today, which I'm kinda glad about. Normally we have DirectTV installed, so we're gonna have to find the correct channels again, & we don't get internet until the Sunday we come back. My sisters were watching Disney channel & some show called "Wander Over Yonder" started playing... is THIS the shit that's playing on Disney Channel now? I remember as a kid, I'd get up early in the morning to watch Proud Family, That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Hannah Montana, Emperor's New School, Even Stevens, Cory in the House, American Draon: Jake Long, The Replacements, Phineas & Ferb (did they cancel it? Haven't seen it being played), Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, Phil of the Future, Dave the Barbarian, or Wizards of Waverly Place. And now we have stuff like Austin & Ally, Jesse, etc. Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana & it's spinoff, Phineas & Ferb, & The Suite Life on Deck were probably the last of the classics. No, basically any show before 2010-2011. THOSE were classics. Everything after those dates have been... meh. Fish hooks, So Random!, Sonny with a Chance, ANT Farm, Shake it Off, Prankstars, & Good Luck Charlie were decent. Gravity Falls is all about the illuminati but it's pretty okay in my book, though I've only watched a few episodes. Jessie is okay, too. It's not that bad.

Jonas L.A. sucked ass, in my honest opinion. Like, no wonder it got cancelled.

Are kids, like my youngest siblings, ever gonna see things again like Pass the Plate with Brenda Song? Or As the Bell Rings? Friends for Change Games? Are they ever gonna see the shows that I grew up with? I think it's kinda sad.

They're kinda stuck with shit series like I Didn't Do It, K.C. Undercover (which is basically the Kim Possible of today) Liv & Maddie (Suite Life because of the twins, except it's just one girl playing two roles), Austin & Ally (Hannah Montana in a way because it's a music show?) Dog with a Blog (SERIOUSLY?). I mean, they're okay, but... they're like remakes of all the shows I grew up with. They're not as good as the "originals." And shit like Wander over Yonder, what's it even about? HOW can that possibly be a series that makes money?

I went on Disney XD & the shows aren't too bad. I definitely miss Pair of Kings & Zeke & Luther, though. There was this gameshow thing on Disney XD where Disney stars (or regular teens, can't remember) were taken to this prison-like island & they'd complete challenges as a team. I forgot what it was called, but that show was pretty decent. (EDIT: Googled it. It was Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge) Then there were other shows like Naruto Shippuden (THAT WAS MY SHIT, 2009-2011 BEST THING ON THERE), Sonic Underground, My Babysitter's A Vampire, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I'm in the Band (#2 next to Naruto Shippuden), Kid vs Kat, Recess, & Mr. Young. There were more, but these are the only ones I watched because I felt that Disney XD was focused primarily on boys, & these were the few I could watch & not get bored.

But dang.

Disney should replay ALL of these shows again. I know that they do a Rewind Thursday for only an hour or two, but they should replay episodes more often instead of the late night hours when most people are sleeping, y'know?

I don't know what the purpose was for writing this. I guess I jyst wanted to write? Writing is awesome because it soothes you & it distracts your mind sometimes!

I think I'm just gonna go to bed & hopefully get some rest. I didn't fall asleep until midnight yesterday... I had the entire afternoon to do homework & memorize music but I guess I'll just do all of that tomorrow during class. OH WELL. Goooodnighty, digital journal of mine.

(It's 10:20PM. I don't think I'm going shopping at this hour... Most stores here are 24/7 but places that sell PROM DRESSES close at sane hours, like at 7 or 9PM. I'm pretty sure my dad's probably gonna take me to fucking Kmart or Walmart for a prom dress... on the night of prom, haha.)

Also, song of the week because I love discovering new songs!

The Cab - These Are the Lies
(Jesus Christ, The Cab is my life right now. It's like, they don't have a single shitty song! Every one of their songs are... man. They're fucking perfect to me. Kinda like The Fray. All their songs are great.)

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