always wth love

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2015-04-21 13:14:33 (UTC)

lost in my head

Got of class early than the norm
So I went on the site to check my grades?
got bad feedback,ugh... I'm almost 21 and havent had been kissed in so long (a year).I know isnt so important I just want that moment back, so I should be doing English homework or just taking a servery for Biology(took it, no trippin up on that) that i deadly need to help me out...
So I have question to ask you?? should fall for him even through he talks about "this girl" he keeps drag it out, I shouldnt be so mad but I honestly have think of him( he truly cant think straight and im trying pulling of the haze) well, he feels guilt cause we have talking endless until either of us are so exhausted....
so I will update later, I just dont want talk anymore