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2015-04-21 10:32:17 (UTC)

Lastnite and today:am I a fill-in

I was in my room with the light on,
loud noise last night id occurred, but however id blocked it out with review for my math test (early took this morning Tuesday) within that my music was fuckin faded in the background, that's all late night.
So I'm thinking a lot things that are surrendering me in confusion, to be real is so damm hard to be now days, its like me I'm totally fading in and out what I should do and shouldn't do...
I found my college to go to? theres a small problem
well hella big...
I'm trying not to fully think about cause I'm working how to tell them...much more hours before all the yelling and crying I was talkin to the guy around noon, on the phone and thru text. He was so depressed I felt bad cause I couldnt bring him out of it; somehow im his fill in girl so I'm trying to be supported. He still wants me and im thankful, I told him "i like him" and he replied back same thing too.
So who should I believe now?
my heart or my future...
whoever reads this I will be thankful, to hear from you