2015-04-20 17:15:09 (UTC)

Love Necrosis

I'd roll out of bed in the morning, throw on what I wanted, and go.
Drink beer with the guys, and chase after girls.
I could get with who I wanted, and I'd never get confronted for it, cuz they'd stick up for me.

I'm beginning to think that love is not as amazing and pleasurable as I think it should be.
All those memories of the friends I used to have has just faded now. It's kinda tough since no one understands the pain but me. It's kind of sad for me. Not even kind of....

It's a little too late for you to come back,
say it's just a mistake, think I'd forgive you like that,
if you thought I would wait for you, you thought wrong...

He didn't wait for me. No one does.