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2015-04-20 09:49:03 (UTC)

every hour went slow: Win Some, Lose some

over the weekend was hella long and every hour has gone so slow but,
(have you heard this dating site it actually hella works, Okcupid) i might found my right guy we are so close than close its so unbearable to seek it out the truth...we texted until we fallen groggy at night fallen darker but, however stayed up to 2:30AM led on a Saturday morning (doing math hw until gotta so wore out math ugh).....
Saturday only gotten hours of sleep that kicked me in the butt cause we cleaned all day until 9pm, id a load stuff to do ...barely making it through.....
today id woke around 2 something it was very scary a bit i was find, than hour later nightmare than woke up hella late cause my rest wasnt balance.