A lady in the crowd
2015-04-20 04:50:38 (UTC)

Catching Up.

I've decided to stop running away from our relationship. Because of my restricted boundaries my mother knows little about my lifestyle. I've isolated myself making it impossible for anyone to reach out. Especially to address our long time disputes. I feel like she'll be taken away from me soon. I don't want to think of the worst. If she were to die I would feel hate towards myself for allowing us to be corrupt. I have to fix our situation. If not therapy then I'll seek a way for us to finally be on the same page. As if I we're a lost wondering hummingbird I rediscovered my second home. I extended my beak and knocked upon her door.

I found out she's abandoning the Pepsi company. She'll be working for Walmart and this new job will open doors of opportunity.
Along my travels I spoke with three clans.
Uncle Freddie, Aunt Trini, Claudia, and Dulce are going through drastic changes. I've learned that Uncle Freddie found a new job in security. Aunt Trini will be living with us while to recover after she get's eye surgery. Claudia is pregnant with her third child and Dulce will move to Long Beach. How long have I been gone?

~Yours Truly,