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2015-04-13 00:41:06 (UTC)

4/12/15 Sunday

I went blistic on him after he got annoyed at me by keep asking mien. Threw laptop and phone at him. He got mad but tried to calm down. Said he won't be with me if wasn't for 鸡爪. I was pissed after hearing that. He tried to make peace. Laptop btoken, shit! Do I really have to change to a new one every year? Had the worse nightmare. He was flirting with a girl, I got mad. The girl started a fight with me, pushed me to the pool, I killed her, but had a miscarriage. After a while, he said he won't be with me, I was crying. Woke up scared. Got up at 3. Ate something. Watch tv. Dad cooked chicken soup. Need go Hayward tmrw.

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