What's up now?
2001-10-10 19:23:55 (UTC)

What's swiriling around in my head today...

So today is pretty shitty out, raining and damn
cold!...Went to lunch with my Dad though..that was really
nice. I almost forgot how nice it is to be with my
family...I cant believe its been a month since I've been
home! I miss Brian like crazy!! Sunday was pretty
rough...I cried all day, but what else was I supossed to
do?! I just miss him! But Friday I get to see him :)
yea!! I'm going home for homecoming at Okemos and
hopefully I'll get to see a lot of old friends. And then
I'll be back up here for one of the best party weekends of
the year! YEA!!! Should be a good time :) All the
bitties will be back together!! woo!! I'm excited :) I
miss being all together :) And hopefully Ryan will be up
too :) Next week is sweetest day....wonder how I'll be
spending that day...