A lady in the crowd
2015-04-18 23:09:49 (UTC)

My Little Sister.

We went out to Cuchis to buy Raspados for lunch. The icy flavor of strawberry touched the g-spot of my taste buds. Amanda Diaz and I slowly walked throughout the streets of Calexico. She asked me for advice when it comes to love. She's a precious small lady who hasn't even experienced her first kiss. I told her to wait. To breathe and not rush anything because she should keep her beautiful innocence for as long as possible. I wouldn't want a monster to hurt someone who I consider my tiny sister. I've known her since fourth grade. Each day Diana Navarro, Amanda, and I played in the swing sets. We passed notes during class as Miss Cital scolded at us. At times we spoke for hours on the phone chattering about pointless topics. Laughing, crying, stressing, overall bonding. Over the years all of these small details have made me grow into her guardian angel. I will do everything in my power to protect Miss Diaz from harms will.

~Yours Truly,