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2015-04-18 11:28:00 (UTC)

Court Case

The impending court case on Friday 24th of April is getting interesting. My exes solicitor is meant to prepare what you call a court bundle for the case which basically includes all the documents the court would review on the day. I sent him 2 documents which includes evidence of how she moved funds to Switzerland and the purchase of her car which she claims belongs to her brother. Her solicitor rejected these documents so I have sent a request to the courts for these documents to be included. I pray the court grants this request as it will show clearly the degree of her lying. It is a shame she resorted to lying so much. She was suppose to include an affidavit of facts on the finances instead wrote a statement full of unfounded allegations and rants. I decided to respond to these statements accusing her of lying and making baseless accusations. This document was one of the ones rejected by her solicitor. I await the response from the court (I Pray!).
I am still looking for a barrister to represent me at the hearing. My solicitors only do background work and do not represent in court. For the budget I have it is a struggle to find a barrister. I hope I get one on Monday as he would only have 4 days to prepare. Due to this I have to spend time this weekend packaging all the relevant documents with a summary and index documents to give the barrister this would enable the barrister to quickly understand the case.

I am taking my 12 year old son to watch football tomorrow. It is quite a big game for the tem I support so I expect it to be a nice day out. I am a bit nervous because I plan to speak to him about his work, sex, online gaming/porn, peers, drugs you name it! I would leave out the divorce for another day….poor boy!