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2015-04-18 11:27:01 (UTC)

Son Talk

Dear God, Please continue to shine light on my life as there are many dark days I suffer.

I have to sit down with my 12 year old son to discuss a few things with him.
Sexual urges – My ex-wife (we still leave together) has noticed that the tissues in the bathroom are finishing too quickly and the boy now spends more time locked in the toilet…mmmmm……

School Work – He need to brush up on work in school and start to enjoy completing his work. The key is for me to somehow make him realise not be afraid of logic or solving school problems. The key would be the way he perceives the question – either ‘ oh well it is too difficult for me to answer’ or ‘I am sure I will get the answer if I read it up’

Football – He enjoys football – so the time has come for me provide him more insight into how to understand the game – I am also a qualified football coach

The Divorce – I really dread this one and I am not sure I will talk to him about this on the same day I talk to him about all the above. It would be too much.

I plan to take him to a big football match on Saturday – just me and him – which is a rarity – I will discuss the 3 subjects above and leave out the divorce for another day.