A lady in the crowd
2015-04-18 04:47:14 (UTC)

Be Carefree You're Youthful.

I climbed above the mulberry tree as I carelessly smiled. I had selfishly sneaked off from my daily responsibilities. All of societies expectations slipped away.

Despite my admiration for a new day of viewing a sunrise, I found myself fond by this mesmerizing sunset. The motion of the wind currents moved. I watched the clouds dance and swirl in no direction. "That one over there looks like a guitar. Here comes a tidal wave! Oh look there roams a boat!" My face lit as I felt a burst of happiness for no apparent reason. I thought my dream like imagination had died. Somehow my child spirit managed to survive. I jumped off my tree branch and bounced on the grass. "Savannah!" I said calling out my rottweiler. She approached wagging her tail in excitement. I stroked her coat as I hugged my love. We played a game of Frisbee as the sun hid behind the mountains. Finally for a precious brief momentum I acted my own age.

~Yours Truly,