A lady in the crowd
2015-04-18 03:00:23 (UTC)


An adolescent around my age stood on the edge of the lagoon waters. The fog felt heavy. In response my body felt sticky. Her face reflected my own only much more fatigue. Her skin being papery white. Who in their right mind would be insane enough to step foot into these burned woods? I knew who. I would also do the same. She turned around and held empathy in her darkened eyes. I took a step forward and immediately jumped in a flabbergasted reaction. My body jerked. What in the rotting hell? She's mimicking my movements. "Hmm ," I mumbled. Her lips read my words. My eyes fell out of my sockets when I came to a horrifying realization. This starved woman standing before me is no stranger. She's me. The World began spinning in circles causing a nauseous sensation in my stomach. I want to hurl. I NEED to vomit this hairball is suffocating my throat. I felt everything fall apart. I managed to lowly chock out asking her,"What have I become?"
"Lost," I said answering my own question as I tilted my head. Her hand reached for my face as her fingertip slowly traced my jawline. My wishes came true as I vomited on my own feet. My thick yellow stomach acids felt cold. I felt much better after I finished.
"Lost," I repeated the words felt familiar on my freshly puked tongue. I've been here before.

~Yours Truly,