The Days of my Life
2015-04-18 02:09:34 (UTC)

while I was trippin...

Answers are within us all. True love is taking care of our body and soul by taking care of ourselfs. We are of this earth. Don't eat fake food. It has toxins. How to love love is also showing it to other creatures, and others. The best love is showing love through nurture. We are walking rainbows. Color radiates our souls. Energy creates a spectrum. We are unique beings able to create life. Out of our earth givin bodys by choice and beauty. Show love by food, keeping clean, sanitizing/sanitized, to our off spring. Theres always a mother tree. Trees protect thier seeds. Nature is nature as one with us. We eat nature and less fat foods... all organic stuff is amazing. We should eat what we were made to eat. What is color? Really Really? Love love love <3 Adams love is real! <3
The apple is knowledge
Seperate the apple, and the lord comes thru. Lord is everything in harmony. Don't hurt others by inflicting disease. Or by allowing disease. Example cheating... your putting you and your partner in harms was of a disease attack. Not a way of love. Its evil. That's evil. Being evil won't solve. Evil makes evil. Obey mother (our incubators) no kill another life... harmony
Our minds were made by mankind to think a certain way with rules(making imagination go away) we become more coherent. (We are nyeve in the same waiting room for the end. Make it a safe, loving, time consuming ride for us and others)
We are earth people. Tree child, earth child