The Days of my Life
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2015-04-18 01:50:01 (UTC)

I guess Im a bitch... :/

So Im sitting here... Thinkin pretty hard on how Adam treats me... It doesnt seem to care. He just called me a bitch. I've done nothing wrong. I thought we had a nice day too. I was makin JayR's food. Teasin about how he lied about givin him food. He said "so" Then said that I had to see this movie and he was gonna rewind it. I grown sighed with a laugh. He said "why do you have to be a bitch all the time!?" I snapped back. With dont be callin me that. He said quickly "sorry" But I feel in my heart he did't mean it. Like earlier he looked at a passing by mom when picking up Nevaeh... he said MILF. I said whats a milf. I guess its a mom he would like to fuck? I got upset and called him rude and disrespectful. He said sorry again. I dont believe him... be wanted our nieghbor(pregnant), my cousin... It seems like I wont ever have him to myself and let him walk all over me... I guess Im a bitch all the time... Im starting to give up. For a few days Ive been trying this new love thing i discovered while on shrooms. I felt I seen a new light that would help us grow as a couple... nope, no such luck... I cook, did clean, burn my gas, always thinkin about him first, plus I tried to get him horny... no luck except once. I was even full naked on him... no fuckin boner. But Im the bitch? :( I feel my heart tingle on how it really is... I feel like giving up again slowly. I feel Im just here for company. Lastnight I told him twice... i loved him with no response back. He has no job, motivation, respect for me. Im kind feeling like... I need someone newer... I feel Im trying too hard to get his attention. He is a jerk... I kepp trying new roads with him... no luck... Theres that tingle again, and I feel my eyes getting heavy... He doesnt care... (not to mention, i got us free food, tried to make some cash without a job. If I left he would just rub his vegas/selling his house in my face... Maybe if i did leave him, he would see... see that I was good to him... I did nurture him... took care, and really cared. Thats what I had to do to August. Set him free... what to do what to do...

Feeling lost

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