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2015-04-16 20:43:24 (UTC)

Son has a broken arm

So... I get a text from the ex that my 9 yr old broke his arm in an accident. I haven't responded to any emails since they left to Nevada. Not like I can do anything about it anyway. Today, I get another text msg with a pic of the 9 yr old with a cast on his left arm. That's just terrific. Oh yeah, in the text the ex says "see, I don't lie". Very funny. I was really laughing. More of her delusions.

Also, I rec'd mail from the two kiddo's school that they are truant and it's a crime and could have me arrested. Now that's fricking great! Whatever. I don't really care. It's now just more of a comical statement that's good for a chuckle.

I'm looking forward to going camping at the end of the month. It's at Rollins lake. Never been there. Going with my group of single parents again. There's a bunch of us. I think about 80. We plan on renting a patio boat to party but I'll go to drink and do some fishing too.

Then on May 2nd, I may drive out to Reno and watch the boxing match between Manny and Mayweather. I have 800 bucks on it so I'm hoping I win. If I win, I'm buying a 2000 fishing kayak. With accessories like a fish finer, rudder system, etc, it will run me about 2500. Almost as much as a boat or cheap auto. If I lose, I guess fishing will be fine on shore :) But hey, I don't have much going on anyway and this shit makes me happy.

Love fishing and if you ever kayak, it brings you so much closer to nature.
It's almost like a zen thing. So relaxing to see what others can't and may never get to see when you're on a kayak. Add the fun of fishing and of course a cooler of beer and I'm a happy camper. Only one thing feels better than that :)

That's all I got for now diary. I just wanted to post to keep my mind from rambling with random unimportant thoughts that'll keep me awake. Maybe if I post it here, I can let go and maybe get to bed at a decent time.

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