always wth love

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2015-04-14 07:42:52 (UTC)

fading inside out of earth

where am i now?
april 14
so today is so fucking tuesday its hella freeze cold
gosh first yelling in the morning
is a buzz kill, im always the first one to blame all damn time.....
so yesterday i finally finished my paper that was late
(I know thats not cool, to turn in late... but i didnt have really damn choice in the mattter, any away its done)it think thats all it fuckin matters right?
yesterdayy around noon i was texting my friend rachele back and forth about a friend like hella bad i was so fuckin envey her even though; she aint nothing fucking a great friend...she totally cool letting me vent like alot im so fucking greatful....
trying to move pasted the bitterness..into bettter moments