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2015-04-13 20:17:30 (UTC)

We shall see

In recent times I have started to get the same loneliness feeling I had just before I decided to settle and get married about 17 years ago! I recognise that feeling, it is exactly the same one.

I am so confused…it is going to be a tough one.

The court case is looming – on 25th of April. I doubt if we can settle on this day as I don’t believe she would come clean on the money she has decided to hide away and lie about. One thing that as really struck me is the level of her deceit. She has no integrity. It is such a shame. Everything I have written in the required Affidavit by the court is the truth. If it is not, then it was not deliberate. She has clearly gone out of her way to twist matters and in some cases blatantly lie. Such a shame. I hope we do not have to go to a final hearting as this would not be in a family court but a proper court with barristers etc. That would be very expensive and for what exactly? It is not worth it but I know myself as much as I want to look at the bigger picture I will not lie down and be trampled on. Especially as she would use it to support all her propaganda.

Whatever the case it is going to be a big change to our family. I would have to move out and the kids would also need to adjust, I just dread the long term effect on them. Very unfortunate, but in life, you have to deal with the cards you have been given.

I look forward to the future with a bit of trepidation. I am scarred of what lurks ahead. How much baggage am I carrying? Would I make the right decisions?

We shall see…..