My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
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2015-04-13 05:54:41 (UTC)

An Actually Crappy Friday Night

So last Friday was miserable. Blue light disco with my friends who hate each other. The night was spent with me going back and forth between the 2 groups and listening to them bitching about each other and being told that I looked like I was going to cry. And then to top it all off I had to say goodbye to my friend who has gone on a 7 day cruise without reception or wifi and had to pretend everything was ok in front of my parents and hers.
My friend who is apposing the one on the cruise is coming over on Wednesday for the day and then staying over and coming with 2 of our other friends to the city for a movie and shopping. This will be interesting. I wonder how long she will be able to go without mentioning her dickhead of a boyfriend who I hate or my friend she's arguing with. Her record is 1 hour so far. *face palm* AND IT WILL BE ON MY BIRTHDAY *face palm* *drag hand down face* *make dying whale noises*
I don't know what to do, I can't put up with this and my friends insist on talking to each other but what my friend's boyfriend has done is unforgivable to both my 'on cruise friend' and I. He did nothing against the law or anything he just cannot keep his damned mouth shut and everything is about him. And my mum saw him and his girlfriend at the shops today. *more dying whale noises*
I know. 1st world problems and I'm being selfish but I am sick of not talking to anyone about it and not having a solution for it. And it's not like I've only put up with it for a few days or something. It has been going on for MONTHS. It started around October last year and is still continuing.
But on the bright side I am hopefully doing a 3 hour photography course/workshop thingo at south bank (city). That will be awesome especially since I can't afford the online course I wanted to do. WAY to expensive *cough* $999 *cough*.
But I am happy to do this south bank thing and I would feel guilty to spend all of that money anyway when this thing gives a lot of info and is only $99.
I swear people say 99 instead of 100 because it sounds cheaper. That is just messed up, but anyway.