A lady in the crowd
2015-04-13 04:53:52 (UTC)

False Liberty.

We drove out to Calexico's county. The urban town is small compared to the many fields of agricultural. Miles of corn and cabbages decorate the empty road. All of the windows were rolled down, as Avenge Sevenfold "Hail the king" blasted on the radio. My grandmother parked my Liberty Jeep as we traded seats.
"My life is now in your hands so be responsible," she cautiously warned me. I smirked with a sense of authority feeling empowerment rush through my veins. We roamed the abandoned streets and completed drills involving U-turns and the proper manner of parking.

My mind wondered about what many consider a rebellious dream. I've always wanted to own a customized Harley Davidson. As a self assured five year old I knew what I wanted,"When I grow up I'm going to have a motorcycle, and I'll go roam-rum!"
"Do you want to get yourself killed?" Inocencia harshly whispered.
"I don't see the point if I'll die happy."
"Punk you're looking at it the wrong way. The chances are you'll have a family that needs you in one piece. Besides it's far too dangerous for a lady."
My desire felt crushed by a realistic ideology. My thoughts soon grew into a broken recorder, "It's too dangerous, It's too dangerous, it's far too dangerous, too dangerous."

I frowned knowing that my motorcycle is somewhere waiting in disposal.
Of course my Grandmother would never understand. She's a woman who choose to move into a small town in order to avoid any sort of traffic. Even an overly crowded Walmart bothers her. Unlike her I'm young and don't mind putting my life in jeopardy. I know I have the liberty of reading all of Hot Bike magazines the World has to offer but it wouldn't matter if I didn't get my hands on practicing auto mechanics. I would fail at reaching the decency of being known as a beginner. All because it's simply against the morals of acting lady like.

~Yours Truly,