A lady in the crowd
2015-04-11 22:46:20 (UTC)

Racing Against the Sunset IV.

There's no magic to it. Just retrace each step. It's as simple as reversing time and not walking off Hogbacks trail. Jimmy's stomach wailed from hunger. He quickened his pace in anticipation. The heat boiled under Nebraska's sun, and a large drop of sweat traveled down the side of his side burns. The mosquitos buzzed in his ears, but something more than pest accompanied him. His instinct knew it wasn't a stalking mountain lion or a bear, nor any type of life threating beast. It's unmistakable presence told him it was the chiming voice that lured him into this conflict.

"Come closer," it whispered above a deciduous tree. Jimmy automatically tilted his head upwards. He was awestruck by a tan native woman with luminous baby blue eyes. She gave him an assuring smile as she jumped out of the tree branch.
Jimmy cautiously took a step back.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Olivia Barakan don't you remember me?"
"Olivia, that can't be. Steven Barakan's ex wife?"
"I see You've done your research."
"It's my job." he said sternly.
"Jimmy aren't you tired of searching?"
His stomach flipped in sudden panic.
"H-how do you know my name."
"Closer," she whispered extending her hand touching Jimmy's forearm.
On a Summers day he felt a chilling coldness from her touch.
"Welcome to your home." she said excitedly.
"This place is no home. It's rotting hell I want out!" he yelled.
"It's too late for the both of us. We both raced against the sunset and failed miserably. We're trapped here in the limbo!" she yelled in mercy.

What caused such a curse continues to be an unsolved mystery. Together, Both spirits of Jimmy Mist and Olivia Barakan lingered in the depths of Hog Backs mountains. They grew into a sinister team as they tempted mountain climbers and runners to walk off the trail.
"Come closer," they whispered in temptation.

~Yours Truly,