A lady in the crowd
2015-04-11 19:05:13 (UTC)

Sentimental Value.

"Get up! Wake up! Go! Go! NOW!" my alarm clock sneered at me. I gazed at my wolf inspired calendar above my desk. The snow white omega intensely stared into the camera. The frame barely hung with two pieces of worn out duck tape. It was a month behind. Reading March when it was April nearly June! I constantly felt annoyed on being blindsided from viewing an accurate date. The calendar appeared untouchably far from reach, and my hands lacked energy to move. Something in my inner subconscious made me tick. My eyes fired angrily from disgust. I procrastinated. Suddenly I jumped out of bed and yanked my office drawer open as I ripped off a long piece of duck tape. Then I towered above of my desk. "Bastard it's time for a change," I said smiling. Snow white was replaced by a golden wolf wondering in a forest. Goldy locks never acknowledged the photographer snapping a picture.The unprepared photo made nature look wild, much more admirably fascinating in its natural habitat. He stuck his tongue out and his head tilted downward. Flipping a page carried such a
sentimental value and no one but me would be able to understand.

~Yours Truly,