always wth love

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2015-04-09 08:10:55 (UTC)

the dream of what could been real :'(

dear dairy, honestly i didnt know i mind wants him so bad but hes moving and i will be soon to an year an half i honestly wont find another guy like him.
thats hard facing the brutal truth of what a person wants and never gonna have.... the morning got me so wrapped up with him. i honestly might loose it if i see him. i came very close to him over the six months ...
i cant believe hes graduating and im stuck here. well im try be a good sport bout it but i dont know what im gonna do without him now.

was so perfected it wasnt sexual at all it was normal i honestly like that, we were cuddling and watching something on tv sadly id woke up before the rest of what could have been....i wont find it anytime soon....