Confessions of a married woman
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2015-04-08 23:15:47 (UTC)

Long time

Wow it's been a long time. Since October not a lot has changed, except I've seen my x a couple times. I dropped J this week like a bad habit, cold turkey.

J and I continued to see each other at my house... he stayed there when he needed to work or even just to hang out, but I realized it was becoming a routine. I know he is just using me for a place to crash, eat and drink and sometimes do his laundry. God knows I tried to keep this guy happy. April 3rd was 9 months that we have known each other and seen each other, but I decided to end it cold turkey. He was at my house at least 2 times a week since I've met him, sometimes even 5 days a week. But get this, he wants to stay there, eat there, drink there, wash there, but he doesn't do anything for me. Like... bring a bottle of wine, bring some frozen food for yourself, if you like it, bring a bottle of softener... wash the dishes... do something for ME! Sometimes he would get home and wouldn't even give me a hello hug.. fuck it who cares. We never made out.. which blows, because I liek making out. We never really had sex since.. well it's been a few... the only thing is when I wake up for work.. well he is up.. and he wants a blow job.. i decide to ride him, but that's because I inciate it.... so last week, he hardly contacted me... small talk as usual. tired of small talk with him. I'm tired of him not even treating me to dinner or happy hour... after all those months he stayed at my house he can't take me out in public. So i finally decided to cut the cord this week with him. I didn't hear from him for about 5 days, he called me last time and said.. well we can hang next week, if you want. I was like "uh huh"... he texted me on Sunday night... and usually when he texts me he needs me.. not me my resources. Fuck it.. i didn't answer. He called me I didn't answer either. I wish I could tell him what he is doing wrong, but we are not exclusive... i was but he isn't I'm sure. I'm pretty sure he still sees his x... which is fine... i see mine too sometimes, but... fuck he is the only one benefiting from this "relationship". Can someone tell me how to put it nicely to tell him this, so he knows what he is doing/did to me is wrong. I don't know how else to break this "relationship" off... never had to do this before. I am going to miss him, but honestly I give way too much... time, food, cooking, cleaning, detergent, utlities to give to him when he can't do anything out of courtesy, instead he is freeloading off of me. Done being taken advantage of. He is hot, but I don't care. I haven't nor will I contact him. I just need to have something to say to him in case he calls me again.. i want to answer, i just don't know what to say. The sex was amazing when we first met.. now it is BORING and I don't want continue with this routine, giving him my time of day and doing shit for him. He was a lucky guy. He should have preserved my friendship for his sake. I'm sure he has friends in the area but not with the comfort he had me... now he has to drive home and come back on some days, unless he found someone he really likes already. I deactivated my dating profile about 5 months ago, because I was fine w J, but then I kinda sneaked on his he even upgraded his damn profile... I guess he was not satified with me.. geesh! Always trying to get something better when the best is right under their nose. Men.

In regards to my X he is amoron too he needs to leave me a lone already. I told him not to contact me but he continues to do so. FML! When will this guy move on? Oh my lordy.... okay I gotta go.. ttyl

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