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2015-04-08 02:59:43 (UTC)

Racing Against the Sunset III.

Forgetting his fears he prayed to not be mauled by a bear. He shut his eyes as he fell into a deep sleep. That night was everlasting. He found himself trapped within a dream. In a far away place he dreamed of the heartlands of Pennsylvania his scarce hometown. In this town lied the closest place to a kingdom his middle class family could afford. Jimmy Mist was seven years old again. His neighborhood was a closed street. One story houses surround the area with an eccentric architecture design of miniature castles. In this world he's the king. His neighbors opened their doors for him. Jimmy's had always had his clique of close friends from Aquafina middle school. His family had a family picture of his mother and father cradling their only child in their arms. They hold their smiles frozen in time. They rejoice in their fiction picture perfect World.

In the comfort of his own back yard he swung happily in his swing set. He sung his favorite lullaby "ring around the roses." His eyes closed as he breathed in cooling fresh air.
He felt a slight but powerful push at his backside which caused him to lose balance. He fell on his knees tilting his head upward as he opened his mouth wide unleashing a loud shriek of pain. His knees scraped and bleed as he tried to stand up.
"Need help?" Steven Barakan asked.
"I know who you are," Jimmy's lips trembled in fear.
"I said stand up fuck boy!"
"I'll perform surgery to fix you up later now turn around and kneel for me!" Steven snarled getting closer as he unzipped his pants.
"No!" Jimmy screamed loudly echoing throughout Hogbacks mountains. The sun blinded his eyes. He was horrified at the idea of dreaming alongside a Miscellaneous criminal.

He cringed at the flashbacks and his stomach grumbled from hunger. He decided to search for the path back home. After all he only took a feel thousand steps right?

~Yours Truly,