A lady in the crowd
2015-04-07 05:27:34 (UTC)

An Unknown Longing.

Our lands became well marked; the lines of boundaries are reassuring. We all knew our position in our large family well, as much as each clique
involving who spoke to who. Nuevo Mexicali's small Urquijo clan of
con artist and gang bangers is falling into a spiral of pure chaos. The seventy eight year old mother of the clan, Trini Urquijo, endured food poisoning caused by her own daughter in attempted murder. All for inheritance gains of money and territorial expansion. Luckily she survived food poisoning. She's currently in recovery from liver surgery. All our Flores clan may do is watch them from a safe distance as they violently destroy each other.

Meanwhile I'm attempting to form a separate path. I know that today's was a beautiful day. I completed my daily "I excess control in all things," schedule. What brought meaning to my work alcoholic day was eating my homemade sandwiches with Sammy. Each moment passes rapidly,
Time slips out of my hands and I feel as if I can't get enough of him. I gave him our five month anniversary gifts. an alarm clock meaning no more sleeping in and he'll be able to be on time for our morning runs. The second gift being a hand written letter, I'm hoping he appreciates these little details.

Despite having a good time with companions from track, and receiving my electronic hookah pen it's inevitable for a serious mood sink deep into my veins. An emptiness that's assures me that something's missing.

~Yours Truly,