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2015-04-05 19:54:40 (UTC)

Easter And Thoughts (Or Lack Of)

"Tili Tili Bom," a Russian lullaby [A fucking creepy ass song, it's great, I'm very into this]

April 5, 2015 Sunday 7:56 PM

My hair is messy as hell and we ate indian food instead of the traditional Easter foods or whatever. My family is terrible at holidays. We didn't celebrate Christmas until the day after and we almost forgot. I never believed in Santa because my parents never told me that that was actually a thing kids were supposed to do (English sucks. You can put two "that"s in a row and it sounds normal???).

Christmas is pretty much the most hardcore holiday we even celebrate. Oh, wait, no. Thanksgiving. We kind of try for Thanksgiving, we plan it the day before. Halloween is just a disaster. We do not care for celebrations, I guess.

Anyway, the food was really fucking good. They only give you this one bowl of whatever thing you orders (mine was some kind of Palak) and some rice, both in some fancy copper containers, but they are so fucking filling. Also, I had Naan bread and Mango Lassi. I love Naan bread. And Mango Lassi. INDIAN FOOD IS JUST REALLY GOOD, UGH.


Mood: Okay. I am okay, I think. Dreading track. Ugh. I hate sports. Why did I do this? Too late. Otherwise, I am okay. Exercising so much may have upset my hormone balance, though. My body clock has gotten all irregular (aka my periods are going insane and deciding that two weeks totally counts as a month) but hopefully that'll level out. Meanwhile, I haven't been depressed today so I guess I'm good.


Caroline visited!!! Ahhh, we talked a lot and started watching Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas but we fell asleep. That movie really assaults the senses. So many bright colors and things to look at. It almost hurt to concentrate on. It was good, but I mean, difficult to watch at time. I want to finish it.

Piffan went to the indian food restaurant with us, so I got to see him, yay! This holiday was really nice. I got to be near my family. I miss them.


I regularly check out the blogs of people I know, but the most interesting one belongs to depressed-hispanic-kid (quick summary: had a creepy crush on him last year, he freaks me out, don't really know him, dates a girl names Myra, Myra is very nice and pretty cool, they go to Peer Leadership, they're nice, okay). I know that he doesn't have a thousand followers but he gets so many anonymous messages all the fuckin' time.

I GET ABOUT ONE MESSAGE A YEAR AND I HAVE 300 FOLLOWERS. WORSE, THEY'RE USUALLY FROM PEOPLE I KNOW. That makes it better actually, but I'm referring to people like Laney and Lily or something.

You know what's weird? A lot of the anonymous messages he gets say something like, "I love you" and what. HOW. I mean, maybe they're from Myra but why would she make them anonymous??? Why don't people confess their love to me??? Do that. Confess your love to me. Or express your interest in my personality, who fuckin' cares, just send me a message, let me know you exist, so that we can converse and life can be exciting. Get my mind of this redheaded puppy of a boy who I happen to be crushing on (it's getting annoying and makes me nervous, make it stop).

That won't happen but it sure is nice to dream.

"The universe is shaped exactly like the Earth, if you go straight along enough you'll end up where you were."

-3rd Planet, Modest Mouse

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