A lady in the crowd
2015-04-04 22:21:46 (UTC)

Boy of the Waters.

Boy of the Waters.

Her dreams taken over
by a boy
living in the waters
of Sum Beam lake
A depth far too deep
To ever be reached.

He's drowned
'It was an accident,
Something appearing as a sickening plan
'nothing more than a coincidence
'nothing less than an additional tragedy.

"Bring me justice," Joey
Breaths his final breath
Leave it to detective Bosch

A murder tends to be someone
who you know
Family, a friend or foe,
A passing face
Perhaps a neighbor

His bones unsaved
It's late to save his life
Despite a wasted life
Time serves justice
The truth floats above
Sun Beam lakes hallow waters.

~Yours Truly,