A lady in the crowd
2015-04-04 21:21:44 (UTC)

Racing Against the Sun II.

The little left of the sunset disappeared into the mountains, and the soiled brown dirt became a darkened black ground. Jimmy strived relentlessly searching for the supernatural voice.
"You're almost here," it faintly whispered.
With the entire force of his 135 pound physique Jimmy bolted surpassing the speed limit of his legs. The bushes appeared larger, and the trees grew leaner and taller. Each tree appearing as an identical clone.

As took a far step forward he tripped tumbling face down into the Earth. Jimmy groaned in pain realizing he busted his lip he tasted the river of gushing blood. His senses of savagery gone as a boulder of realization hit him hard.
"Where am I?" he whispered.
"Am I closer?" he asked the unknown whisperer.
"You're off trail," a faint voice whispered.
"No shit, I'm in the middle of nowhere," Jimmy angrily said picking himself up from the ground.
"Everything's going to okay. I'm going to find the trail and then I'm going back home," Jimmy said running the opposite direction.
"Welcome to your new home," a voice giggled in delight.
"It's all in my head, the mountains are fucking around with my imagination," he said trying to calm himself.

With the little energy left he tried retracing his steps. He didn't recognize his surrounding's whatsoever. Full of paranoia he felt something intensely gawking at him. Something lurked in these mountains and it made it decided to stalk Jimmy Mist. Perhaps a curious dear, a hungry coyote, a preying mountain lion, or worst a starving bear. His knees shredded in exhaustion from running for what felt like hours. More than ever, he knew it was coming closer, he felt a monster swallowing him whole as a midnight snack. He began to think about how much he missed his glasses he's dumbfounded without them. Maybe his glasses would help him survive a veracious attack. He remembered his criminology assignment, and began thinking about how it would never be turned in to his professor. He fell to his knees as he gazed at the moonlight.
"Dear God if you're watching over me help me." Jimmy panted hopelessly.

~Yours Truly,