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2015-04-03 05:00:20 (UTC)

Racing Against the Sunset.

It's always the silent ones. Jimmy Mist is an awkward young man in his mid twenties. He's a chameleon blending in along the far end corner of Roosevelt's public library. Behind his prescribed lenses and his white turtle neck lies a well kept secret.

He smiled to himself in accomplishment. After months of tiring research he finally completed his criminology assignment on a full on background report on Steven Barakan. Jimmy re-read his final document. Steven had been a doctor who endured multi-personality disorder three years after graduating from Columbia University. He carried several masked minds that came out on a daily bases. Before performing surgery Steven patiently waited for the anesthesia to wore in. The children suffering from leukemia were in a deep sleep as he proceeded to molesting them.

"Interesting who would've thought. He got away with rape for seventeen years. That is until his wife, Olivia Barakan caught him in the act. Not so smart after all," Jimmy laughed.

The time struck seven as the librarian announced it was time for closing the library. He carefully placed his assignment in his folder and scurried out of the building. The sunset was at it's peak, half of the sun beamed brightly against the clear skies of Nebraska, while half of the sun disappeared into Hogback's mountains.

Jimmy took his daily walk where he reflected on every aspect of his day. Today wasn't one of those days. His mind felt manipulated by an overpowering urge to walk off the path. As if a supernatural force was dragging to come closer. Like a maniac he bolted away from the trail, his glasses fell smashing into pieces of cheap plastic, yet his savage behavior told him his vision no longer mattered.
"You're getting closer," a tender voice chimed. Except the closer he was to reaching this unknown force, the farther and farther he was away from
the life he once knew.

~Yours Truly,
"To be continued."