always wth love

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2015-04-02 08:05:18 (UTC)

save me from once never to return

dear dairy, WHY AM I ALIVE
i forget bout you i havent not i realy hasnt just been distance thats all. thats what im trying tell myself more these months. i cant believe its only damn month left until im fully done within another i fallen off into the deep again i cant breathe now days.... so bout the night was unexplainable theres no words how fasted this year torn me down so fasted unseen. i wont make it through the next year in half of this college status....ive been missing mom more now days i havent seen her and my lil bro in that time so its (about 3 years) to real to that fact. im soo fuckin glad my bday is finally here cause i need a fix on this lost in my eyes....
me and mickey spoke but its fully coming back to normal
but im still distance cause idk i will ever recover.