My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
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2015-04-01 10:51:58 (UTC)

Thank God for Holidays!!

Ok don't judge me because of my age... i'm in high school and I cannot wait for holidays!!
Last day of school term tomorrow and then 2 weeks off. and my birthday is in the holidays. Not sure if my friends remembered though but I really don't care. Okay maybe a little but it won't crush me...
Anyway i'm going to the city with 3 friends the day after my birthday for an all day shopping trip and movies. SHOPPING SPREE :D

I hate being sick though. I have been sick for the last week and missed school. I am part of an extension program which means more exams which are harder. Anyway I missed doing an extension assignment and 2 extension exams so I'll have to catch them up... that sucks but I will survive. I actually spent a whole day working on that assignment because I realised that it's due tomorrow and I won't be allowed an extension and got most of it done. Just gotta double check tomorrow morning and email it off ;)
But it still stressed me out. My neck and shoulder are so sore from the stress I don't think they have ever been worse. But again... I will survive.

Wow and I haven't had any caffeine...