A lady in the crowd
2015-03-31 22:04:39 (UTC)


These crumbling walls tumble down in disaster, I guess you could say this is the moment of truth. Where dozens of hidden feelings spiral out of control.

If only I were able to say that I died without regrets, but no I'm not one of the lucky ones. There are many things that bring me the worst remorse. I cringe in disgust on why I didn't take certain opportunities. Knowing that I dropped life's baton as it was inherited to me, is something I wouldn't want to say on doomsday.

It's the day that death says, "You're coming with me." Then again it may arrive at any moment. Saying, "Treat your day as if it were your last," and someday you'll be right.

I plan on doing all sorts of things I wouldn't normally do. Eventually I'll question what a regular day even is.
I want bizarre adventures, ignorant mistakes that bring delightful experiences. I'm crazy enough to believe I could love what I do and at the same time pull it off in a successful style.

~Yours Truly,
A writers wildest dreams.