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2015-03-30 21:04:36 (UTC)

Four Miles

March 30, 2015 Monday 9:04 PM

Okay! Today was a pretty good day, actually. Felt really gross the whole time but whatever. At track, I think I ran over three miles. Maybe over four. It was fun as fuck. Horrible in the moment, but it really made me feel good, although my shins hate me right now.

I'm not even home yet, I'm in the car at a grocery store while my dad buys dog food. I haven't been home for thirteen hours this is awfulll. I had Peer Leadership right after track.

Peer was very good, though. Towards the end, I was in a session with a girl Marina used to date (before she realized she was straight) and Adrian! God, they're both so nice. I really like Adrian. I don't want to like him too much because that's the kind of thing that'll probably just end in me crying, but it's a comfortable level right now. Just saw a guy who works here at Hannaford. He had a full handlebar mustache. I have never seen anything that glorious.

Anyway, I believe Adrian will soon be dating this other girl anyway. I like her, she's really cool and reminds me a bit of Pat (whom I haven't seen in like a month).

Fuck. I feel okay. Maybe a bit antsy, like I wanted something to happen and it didn't. Maybe a little worried, like I lost my chance and there's no way to get it back.