Diary of Naomi
2015-03-30 00:20:38 (UTC)


Its been a while, hasnt it?

A lotta things have happened: I joined college (This is my second semester studying medicine) and Im doing awesomeeeee. Also, I couldnt do any worse because doing awesome in college means you stop having a life. But idk I guess itll pay off.

I have met great people. Like I thought I was gonna miss my friends (and I still do, treyre irreplaceable) but theres awesome people I share erryday with. However, theres people that *clears throat*dont necessarilly brighten my day. screw them.

My attitute has changed a lot. Not because I wanted it to change but because it had to. I feel like im tougher now *flexes arms to show how rude she is*

And this sums up these few days. yup.