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2015-03-29 01:06:12 (UTC)

Son's Baseball Season is Over

My kiddo has been in Little League Baseball this season. First time ever. He's Nine so he's in AAA. He looked pretty cool in his gear. He made catcher :) Since it was his first season, he had a lot to catch up on since other kids has been playing for many seasons now

I've signed him up for baseball clinics. If he isn't at a game, at practice or a clinic, he and I are out at the park practicing. He learned a lot. Got the basics on how to be a catcher (learning how to block ground pitches, catching pop-ups, retrieving wild pitches and throwing to home, going long). Showing him how to bat, playing center, etc, etc.

Well, last Friday at work I got the same old shit text again. His Mom is taking the boy back to his Grandma's in Nevada. The ex's Dad is sick and so she will go back to take care of him. this of course means the kids are going with her.

Never a call and never giving me a heads up. That is fabulous. Once again, the ex never ceases to amaze me. The kids are almost at the end of the school year. They already transferred once last Dec. Now they get to transfer once again.

The last thing the Chris said was that he almost had enough good-student bucks to buy a skateboard from the school. Apparently, the kids get school monopoly money for good behavior or things. Chris said he had 130 school bucks and needed 5 more to buy the skateboard. He showed me his ziplock full of his school bucks. He even said his friend may lend him 5 school bucks so that he can buy the skateboard. Well, his months of work just went to shit.

The older Sister said she was on the last chapter or reading the assigned book "Ender's Game" and that she needed only one more day to finish. Again, how ironic that it's all for shit now.

This has happened before and I even predicted the ex wouldn't last 6 months before she would do something kooky and I was right. It was about 4 months. Even stupid drama like mine is predictable now. Even my emotions are controllable now.

It never is a good feeling having to deal with this but I can handle it. I feel sad that I'm able to. I don't think that this is normal by any means and for me to be able to handle this means my soul is pretty much 1/2 way dead.

I got a call and email from Chris's baseball coach saying Chris was the starting catcher today. Apparently he didn't get the memo and I have to clean up the loose ends and tell the coach that Chris's baseball season is over.

I wonder what kind of people the two kids will grow up to be. I hope they don't become like their Mom that lies, cheats, and is narcissist but chances are, they will pick up traits like their parents. It's inevitable.

For me, I've learned to make sure I try to invest in myself. Make sure I'm not becoming like the ex and try to get involved in a more non-dram lifestyle. So nothing exciting ever happens to me anymore. Just going with the flow pretty much.

That's all I got for now Diary. I should have just summarized my post and said "Same shit different day" and that would pretty much have summed it up.

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