A lady in the crowd
2015-03-28 04:05:47 (UTC)


brings agony and joy
all at one brief moment
I remind myself
to take a steady

The mention of
his name revives memories and echo's.
I pretend I'm strong
By giving him power
to dominate my many thoughts.

Beneath relentless shallowed layers
it's out of my control.
I find it extremely difficult to forget
a hand who perfectly
intertwined between mine.

In my imagination
optimistic yet imprecise,
On thoughts on what could've been
A glorious future together
Only survives in my mind.

Along this adventure
We experienced first love
'first grief,
We fell,
Scratched our sensible knees
Along our youthful time together
We made one too many mistakes.

Was it worth it?
Yes indeed,
He's gone now
Yet the impossible thought of us
Continues to make me smile.

~Yours Truly,