A lady in the crowd
2015-03-27 03:50:40 (UTC)

Times Are Getting Harder.

The sound of her name rinks chimes into my ears. Her presence unremarkably unique. She's a talented artist who draws portraits of nature. She blew my mind when she easily solved two sides to my Rubik's cube.

"Times Are Getting Harder."

Will I have the luck
of seeing you again
After all, you've been
my running partner from the start.

I've joked and teased
"Times are getting harder."
you laughed as much
as your gut pleased.

Tragically times
have changed
We're running out of time
We never know how much is left.

before the clock strikes twelve
it's time to sleep
And to never awaken again.

When least expected
the lighted candle of life
dies out.

"Your mother full of life
Why, she was young
Too young
to die."

You're widowed mother divorced
Who will you live with?
Perhaps away in the mesmerizing
beaches of San Diego area.

A new life with your father
A replacement step-mother
In what direction
will life steer you my fellow friend?

~Yours Truly,