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2015-03-25 21:53:06 (UTC)

What a Shame

I just exchanged some legal documents that the court requested that we submit.
The most important document is the
A summary of financial arrangement, assets and liabilities during the course of the marriage

I have to the best of my knowledge submitted the facts with honesty and integrity. I have not disguised my financial dealings either good or bad and stated everything as they truly happened during the marriage. Unfortunately my ex has gone the opposite way, making false accusations, telling blatant lies, deliberately skewing the facts and telling half the story (on purpose). It really upset me today because I just did not see that in the woman I spent 14 years with. I look now and can’t believe she gibber so much to make it worse she can pretend and hide the truth and will not bulge. She is so perfect with it that if sound believable and if not that I was part of the situation I would believe some of the things she has written. I still can’t believe I once loved this woman deeply. She is callous, will play dirty, dishonest and without any iota of integrity. What a shame.