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2015-03-16 19:40:19 (UTC)

catch up

It been such a long time.

I am mentally in a good place. Started my new job in the same company, my business is still as expected. A very long walk to freedom. Many ups and down. When starting a business the biggest attributes are patience and determination and most importantly do not let you temporary circumstances dominate the decisions you make.

The financial arrangement court case is next month for my divorce. I have finally submitted all the documents and write up requested by the court. My ex is still not completed yet which is a surprise given it is now 2 weeks beyond the submission date. She is normally keen to submit such, my guess is that she needed to raise her game as the last documents we exchanges in which I had to answer her questions was very detailed. I gave her detailed answers with documentary proof. I also think she is finding it difficult to come up with a good back up plan and documentary evidence to support her lies about her car not being hers but her brother’s and that the money she transferred to Switzerland was actually transferred to use for to repair her father’s property to include in trust funds for his grandchildren – all bullshit! My suspicion is that she is struggling to get proper evidence to back these up. Good luck to her.

My business has its ups and downs. An existing company in the same industry indicated that they wanted to sell a certain % of their stake and we were interested in buying this but it has since falling through as they have not come back to us . My guess is that they got spooked by the thoroughness of the due diligence we were going to do. So back to square one of launching an independent business service. This is not bad news as it gives me freedom to do all the things I need to implement into the service although we have to start from scratch.