A lady in the crowd
2015-03-24 03:45:41 (UTC)


What enlightened my day was spending quality time with him. He doesn't know this, but I'm mortified. Every second we're together matters more than anything else in the World. Knowing he is graduating within two months terrifies me, because I will no longer see him in the hallways.

Sammy massaged my neck and back while Coach Cynthia took attendance. He patiently waited for me above the bleaches. Our distance team completed our 1,000 and 300 meters. At last, we were done for today.

He walked me home, all while my throat felt as try as Death Valley. My voice cracking whenever I said a word. He noticed and bought me what every runner mourned, a refreshing holy grail bottle of water. He also surprised me by giving me a Michael Connelly novel. My heart fluttered because this author is one of my favorite mystery novelist!

All of these little gestures of affection make me appreciate his generous noble heart. For the first time In my life I'm afraid of losing someone who I love.

~Yours Truly,