My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
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2015-03-23 11:11:13 (UTC)


Ok I realise that nobody actually reads these entries and that I am basically talking to myself and only write when I am angry, confused or upset. Well I am all 3 of those things.
Anger confusion upset = freak out!!

So basically this guy who is my friend asked me out. Which I know can sound sweet but this guy has crushed on 3 of my other best friends before. And my friends all hate him...
I have so many reasons not to date him but at the same time I cant control the fact that I do like him as well.
But how can I date someone who all of my friends hate and that has actually asked me how to get my best friend to like him. WHY DOES MY HEART HATE ME.
If my heart is confused or something and actually doesn't like him. Then how am I supposed to know without first dating him?
And I know that my friends don't get to rule my life but in the past they have been right about not trusting certain people and I don't want grumpy best friends on my hands.
And to make this even fucking worse I have a fricken math exam tomorrow and I have no clue what its about.

The one person that can give me advice isn't answering their phone and I have until morning to make up my mind about wether or not I want to date him.
I know I am being a drama queen and a bitch who doesn't seem like I care about other people but at the moment I DONT CARE.
I know im being unreasonable and selfish but I have no idea what to do.
All I want is for everyone else to be happy.


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