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2015-03-22 03:12:11 (UTC)

3/21/15 Saturday

He didn't get me anything from jack in the box. I stayed in the room the whole night. Got water. Couldn't sleep until 8am. Woke up in the afternoon. He still didn't come make peace. I stayed in the room. No foid, no water and he didn't care. Heard him ordered delivery but still no come in. What's wrong with him this time. 看透了不在乎了? I was pissed packed things and asked him to drop me off. He asked me to go eat but 我怎么可能妥协? 他也太不懂女人了! Insisted on going home. Started Lecturing And He Got Annoyed said it's better I abort the kid. The drove me home. Without talking a word. Didn't help me with my stuffs either, 一点也不像个大男人。told dad we argue a lot also I'm pregnant. I don't know what to do now. But worst is raise the kid on my own. He gonna pay child support anyways--Yung advice to me

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