A lady in the crowd
2015-03-22 05:33:00 (UTC)

Paranoia at its Strongest.

A part of me is convinced that someday I'll be diseased with Epilepsy disorder. My military mentality has always said, "If you can take it you can make it." But what if it's out of my control?

The moment my mother was born she endured severe seizures. Many ignorant folks from Tepic Nayarit's ranch believed Regina was possessed. They gathered up in large mobs to watch the spectacular of an innocent child convulse on soiled grounds. The timing of seizures was unpredictable; It happened in broad daylight of the public eye.

"What an ugly fetus Jesus Christ it's possessed!" the adults shrieked in horror.

Other days cruel children threw rocks as they shouted, "Kill it!"

Regina was lucky enough to not bleed to death. Tragically, Regina's mother succumbed while giving birth. Where she suffered from the same condition throughout her entire adult life.

The baby left abandoned by Regina's wealthy family, because she was thought of as an embarrassment to society.
The baby was given to my grandmother, Inocencia. She raised her as her own daughter and dealt with her mental state of mind for thirty years. When Regina was in her mid thirties, on March 03, 1999 she gave birth to a child of her own. A child considered a miracle, because when I was born her mental disorder disappeared.

I myself, am blessed with an immense health. Yet there's still a small part of me convinced that the disorder lives inside of me. Waiting and lurking for it to seize my own life. Then again I'm hoping this is only paranoia.

~Yours Truly,