A lady in the crowd
2015-03-21 03:38:30 (UTC)

A Classic Dreamer.

I found myself in an untouchable place quite often; I closed my eyes and forgot about the World. The shades of my eyelids blocked out all of life's problems. All at once, the scenario changed from darkness to magically flying amongst the clouds.

I looked up and there's nothing but a brightened blue sky surrounded by immense cumulus clouds. I gazed down and saw a safe haven ocean of comfortable safety. The Earth faded away into the lightest of blue. A color that could heal any emotional scars. I float amongst the best dream anyone could ever have.

Like a child, I found myself happy for no apparent reason. I opened my eyes and the World and it's problems nonexistent.
Gone! I don't have to run from anymore.

Years wasted down the drain, where I came into realization that it was impossible to run away for eternity. It's a natural instinct be a dreamy Pisces, but life had a rude wake up call in store for me.

I knew what had to be done. I faced my darkest fear, my phobia, the reasons why a pathetic fatigue girl trembled uncontrollably from anxiety. I glared at a long plain mirror, my mortal enemy is my own shadow, it's me.

"Down syndrome worthless faggot. Pile of shit you're a waste of everyone's time," my mind sneered at me.


"You won't because you're a pathetic weak bitch," my savage thoughts evilly laughed in mockery.

I stared at myself for hours and came to a final decision.

My hours of sleep perishing, since my office patiently waited for me. Mountains of paperwork anxiously awaiting to be completed. My spikes anticipating to touch the track field, my job at jeopardy, my boyfriend's text abandoned, and my unread books collecting dust.

Note to self: Depression is no excuse, never press the snooze button again. Inject your daily dose of caffeine, and you're ready to start your day!

~Yours Truly,