always wth love

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2015-03-20 08:24:33 (UTC)

shake it off and spring break :/

me and guy are taling to me he forced myself to tell why id called him yesterday thoses hours or whatever wrong???....i just shake it off so i wouldnt bothered you so much... but he did make feel alot better for an few mintues... when night fall came along it took left in direction where i was off the deep bay of the rocky beach that my mind was rushing out things that normal lost my emotioms im suprised id got sleep with my mind was damaged. so im not even done with my hw that was due today, i felt horrble cause what played out worse im trying my best to do this (for my lil brother i havent seen in years). im want break out that habit of trauma that affect me. the cold rush on steam water runs through me at nine something at nine something where i didnt got hurt physical this time it left a mark that is completely known as abuse. im guess she seen the cuts on me and told me to change because she didnt wanted anyone to know? i know what she done isnt love anyway... possble....
tonight i should tell her am sory but i know that doesnt do anything so i wont saythging cant change people even if youd tired once million times again...
the words she choice was hurtful and mean i wont know how to recover it but am gonna stay away from all the drama this time.
bye aria
spring is here btiches
tell more in a week