Experienced Life
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2015-03-19 20:44:17 (UTC)

I wish I was Giddy Happy

I remember days when I was so freaking glad to be alive. Something or another made it great. A reason to be......Now that I'm all "grown up" and battle worn, it seems I just make due. I'm able to control my feelings when bad things happen to me. That part I unfortunately had lots of practice and experience on. So be it. If such is my life, then I have only me to blame or credit.

I just wish sometimes that I don't have to rely on just my strength and experience to keep going. Sometimes I just wish I was that other guy that I see as he walks past me with his family. Instead, I get the normal drama that I've dealt with for years.

All emotion has been deadened a bit. I can't even get really mad anymore. Doesn't seem like anything is worth getting too upset about since I've been through what I went through all these years.

I wish I was just a normal person sometimes. I lost that person sometime back and I have to be what I am now to keep going but I wish I was someone else.

Whatever, time for some vino I guess.

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