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2015-03-18 08:58:30 (UTC)

day after pattys day storm crash hard

dear dairy, this morning I've spoke too her cousin we still haven't hear from her? well I hope I will making through this.... so on my ride to the campus I was in tears that wanted to fall continually until someone will break the haze of it all.
So I'm bring myself to place where that I thought ending in all until I forget my reasons I cant hurt anyone else that I deeply care for....
but that part of me remembers when only that reappears you lose the future.
the night of patty day
me and the guy is real as more than just a paper of words
and even more the lies and scars that known upon me.
I had a crush on him in 10th grade and came back still guy who made my day if though my life was off course.... we have been talk for about four weeks
in class today
well I wasn't really there even though it wasn't true. my friend kim said something I didn't say a word how rude is that. I have listened but not fully of course I was "select of" that's what would family would say....anyway I'm drifting from my point. just going over what have get done in order pass my English class. ...
so I'm listing to a playlist of something will repeat again...:( so I've read my horoscope it'd made my day sometime before I leave this campus. gosh I'm not even close to being done with my math hw shit!, its due tmw and includes exams....
im missing my sis, I want cry soo much but I know wont help anyone that's includes me...
p.s. I want lose this sick feeling that wont let be happy as I should.... tell me something well I be make through the storm or will be on going as crime stays in the process. which is it at this point?.... well I could tell where I am in this world am not, I'm sory .... will post one more Friday morning...
oh yeah wont go with vivi this fri sory cant do it....will tell some other day...
bring me home by tori Kelly (this for my sis)
bye aria