always wth love

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2015-03-17 09:16:58 (UTC)

time is pullin me faster

so this morning was odd like i didnt do anything wrong got in trouble once more as always has came to be norm. i found my college just found its gonna take longer than expected shit, but noo ones reallly see that but me. i never thought that today can get any worse than this. im alone everywhere i dont think anyone see that im losing in my emotions im not gonna tell anyone.(the triggers are there booze and cutting and just stop talk all together). im hoping not depression but i also think isnt the fuckin right time to think about; moreover trying pull through the haze of my dream will b soon mine. about this long process reaching my goal the spite of it all today was not a good day i wont see my friends i wont probably back out hanging with my friend vivi once more this fri.